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While you’re not looking, the United States Forest Service (USFS) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) are systematically eradicating America’s wild horses and burros from our public lands. And these agencies are doing this at breakneck speed! Witness the number and frequency of the roundups being conducted in public lands spanning millions and millions of acres in 10 Western states.

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Nevada’s Wild horses and Burros need your help. Urge your legislator to oppose AB408.

Read Craig Downer’s comments on the Carson City Draft Resource Management Plan (RMP). Send your own input to the RMP Program Manager at: by April, 27th.

Debate rages over the use of birth control on wild horses and burros. Read this article from the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros.

Interesting article about PZP and other fertility control and their effects 3/16/15

For those of you who would like to donate to the Wild Horse Conspiracy book fundraiser so we can get more of Craigs books into the hands of decision-makers, please do so. Thank you! 3/2/15

Watch video of Craig’s statement to the Tr-State Resource Advisory Council meeting NV 2/26/15

Read Craig’s statement to the Tr-State Resource Advisory Council meeting, Sparks, NV 2/26/15

BREAKING NEWS: Judge temporarily blocks the roundup and forced drugging of beloved Nevada herd known from THE MISFITS

The Pine Nut Wild horses need more evidence before it’s too late to get it. Please HELP donate to the evidence fundraiser here

Buy a t-shirt to help support Protect Pine Nut Wild Horses!

Latest suit to block Nevada mustang roundups

Read Craig Downer and Jesica Johnston’s Twin Peaks Flight Report

Breaking News: Planned roundup of wild horses put on hold!

Breaking News:Protect Mustangs & Friends of Animals file lawsuit to stop Pine Nut Mountains roundup

Take action: Save 6 wild horse herds BLM wants to wipe out! Read Craig Downer’s report

Watch the wonderful YouTube video explaining the rock-hard evidence for the ancient and long-standing presence and belonging of the horse in North America! Please note that currently the audio on the video does not work on mobile devices

Read the letter Craig has just written to the South Jiggs Complex, Nevada Environmental Assessment Team

Read the article Craig has just written for Protect Mustangs!

It’s #Giving Tuesday! Craig Downer and Anne Novak’s organizations need your help!

Craig Downer to speak at the Museum of Animals & Society November 16

Craig Downer to speak at the Orton Center, Redlands November 17

Reproductive Experiments on Colorado’s Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse Herd Proposed

One Hundred More Wild Horses Being Removed from Herd Area in Nevada

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Why is the government rounding up horses and burros?
The government is responding to pressure from the public lands livestock industry, the oil and natural gas industry and the big-game hunting lobby. They make all types of claims and list all kinds of reasons in order to justify the eradication of the wild horses and burros, but their true motivations are simple commercial ones.

Why the subterfuge?
As long as a substantial portion of the American public views our public lands as places safeguarding nature and of aesthetic beauty, the BLM, USFS and above named industries will run up against public sentiment and as a result political barriers.

If we allow this activity to continue, our public lands will lose to an even greater extent their natural and scenic integrity, beauty and wildness. The lands would become even further transformed into industrial wastelands owned, controlled and exploited by corporations.

Polls have shown that the vast majority of Americans deeply value our public lands. To save the lands and the wild horses and burros on them, we need you to join us so that together we can make our voices heard and bring about change.

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