The Wild Horse Conspiracy

Craig Downer’s comment to Mesa Verde National Park officials

As a wildlife ecologist who appreciates the returned North American native horses living in the wilds of Mesa Verde, and as one who has visited these herds over the years, including in Mesa Verde, I must say that your plan to remove these horses overlooks so much that is positive about these animals. You should not merely classify them along with livestock. They are wildlife and belong in the wild more than behind a fence! When the horse reoccupies its niche in the wilds of Mesa Verde N.P. they revive an ancient and long-standing community of plants and animals that have coevolved for thousands even millions of years. Also please consider the great value of the horses in reducing dry flammable vegetation and in converting this via their feces into fertile, moisture-retaining soils. This is due to their post-gastric digestive system that is much needed to counterbalance the preponderance of ruminant-digesters in North American, including in your area. The horses are also capable of self-limitation as climax species once they fill their ecological niche. But people must give them the chance. Please do not be so unfair and unjust as to turn a blind eye to all the many substantial justifications for the continuance of the wild horses of Mesa Verde. Learn from them and for the ecosystem. They have been at the game of survival for a lot longer and possess an inherent wisdom that is a lot more ancient than snap-judgements based on biased views. Consider the horses’ true natural place in this beautiful world we share as home. Please refer to my substantial and well-rounded book complete with supporting references entitled The Wild Horse Conspiracy and available on amazon dot com, as ebook or in print. Happy New Year! Please be fair!

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