The Wild Horse Conspiracy

Craig Downer’s Statement sent to the House of Representatives Appropriations committee to stop disastrous consequences for America’s wild horses and burros.

Sent to the US House of Representatives, Committee on Apropriations whose link is:
Also call Secretary of Interior, Ryan Zinke 202 208 7351

As a wildlife ecologist concerned with the fate of the North-American-returned-native wild horses and wild burros, I urge you to not be taken in by the biased testimony you recently heard from anti-wild-horse Utah Representative Chris Stewart.

I saw his as well as the testimony of Secretary of Interior Zinke and clearly see through their deliberate attempts to con and to deceive in order to further the extremely unfair and dishonest victimization of our nations overly reduced, overly restricted, and “set up” wild horses and burros.

These animals are being illegally deprived of their rightful habitats and resources within their legally declared areas on the public lands, both BLM and US Forest Service!

This is being done to pander to the outrageous and overbearing demands of many public lands ranchers, including both cattle and sheep, as well as to other wild-horse/burro-enemies, such as certain big game hunters, pie-in-the-sky land developers, giant mining and energy extraction corporations, or people who have just been taken in by all the disinformation.

The fact is: American needs a restoration of the wild horse and burro herds in order to reestablish balance upon the public lands ecosystems.

As an ecologist, I can tell you that this has to do with the fact that these animals are post-gastric, or caecal digesters, as well as semi-nomadic in their lifestyle. This means that, when compared with the ruminant herbivores (cattle, sheep, deer, elk, bighorn, etc.), they much more greatly restore the soils (by adding vital humus in much greater quantity and quality) and they also disperse intact seeds of a much greater quantity and as concerns a much greater variety of plant species. These seeds are much more capable of germination given the proper conditions (fertilized by the equids’ richer droppings). This is scientific ecological fact, not the kind of warped misinformaton you are presently being fed!

Also these animals are an eminent part of all Americans’ Quality of Life. They represent a General Public interest. Please do not “sell them down the river,” so to speak, by allowing them to go to slaughter buyers, as current proposals would have, but rather institute the true implementation of the Wild Horse and Burro Act.

This true implementation is Reserve Design and is for the restoration of truly genetically viable population levels in populations/herds that are allowed to truly adapt over the generations to their natural public lands ecosystems where they have legal rights. Through careful Reserve Design when these populations are allowed to fill their ecological niche, play their ecological role, within a variously contained herd area they will become naturally self stabilizing, as through natural limitations that occur when such populations do fill their niche in an area, and through the age-old wisdom that comes into play when truly mature social units, i.e. bands, and, so, even entire herds, are allowed to establish themselves.

— What we have now is a very wild-horse/burro-disrespectful program in BLM and USFS that dishonors their true ancestry and natural place in America. This makes a mockery of the true and core intent of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, still on the books, and undermines the future well-being of our nation and, in a greater sense, of our entire living world.

Please feel free to contact me for a copy of my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy also available through my website of the same name.

I am willing to testify and answer questions.

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