The Wild Horse Conspiracy

Important Statement from Craig Downer 6/20/17

Dear “To Whom It May Concern”

I very much concur that the horses in short term holding and many in long-term holding should be set back into the millions of acres of zeroed out original Herd Areas and zeroed out Territories on the BLM and US Forest Service lands where they have legal right, for they were there in 1971. I do not concur with the miserable fertility control, however, as I recognized this as being a direct violation of the pure and core intent of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act that will mess up the lives not only of the mares who are injected but of the entire social units of the wild horses, be these bands or the greater herds that include the bands in a particular region. The evolutionary unit is not the species, but the population, and when we people blythely tamper with the natural processes of ecological adaptation and natural selection, then we are making the wild horses into semi-domesticated animals, and this is simply contrary to the true intent of the Act! There is a better way, an intelligent and caring way, for realizing the true spirit of the Act, and, as I have profered so many times before, this involves Reserve Design. I did not invent Reserve Design. It is a branch of Conservation Biology, employed by professional people or anyone to plan in a respectful way for the preservation of whatever it is one has recognized as worthy of preserving and perpetuating over the generations and far into the future. In the case of the wild naturally living horse, or burro, we are talking about preserving populations of these species not in some artificially confined and tampered with place, but in the natural world where they evolved for millions of years. And it is here in North America where the vast majority of these equids’ evolution took place, as well as their origin. Humanity will be doing itself, as well as the horses and burros a tremendous service when, true to the spirit of the Act, it — we people — quit thinking and acting so selfishly, so greedily, and so thoughtlessly in regard to the horses and burros (who by the way have been of immense service to us), and in regard to all the Rest of Life, with which the true character of horsekind, burrokind, etc. truly realizes itself. Basically I am making a call for people to honor the true spirit of Freedom, not some perverted concept of freedom as the right to distort and to destroy life’s greater nature and interrelationship. So this appears to be all I can do at present — to throw out a Call to the Greater Conscience of my fellow humans bearing in my heart and in my mind the uncrushed Blossom of Faith and Belief in a Better World and a Better Future for all of us living creatures who share this precious Planet Earth as home and place of learning and perfecting, aka evolution, unfolding. May God Bless Us All and Inspire us to Change for the better in how we related to the Rest of Life, to learn to live respectfully as regards the true character of each and every kind of living creature, and of the Consciously-Evolving Beings who constitute the very Heavenly and Imperishable Essence thereof.

Yours Truly,
Craig C. Downer

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