The Wild Horse Conspiracy

Urgent message to save tens of thousands of wild horses from a cruel and unjust death

Dear Wild Horse and Burro Defenders:
Greetings for Independence Day!
I am urging you to contact your US Senators and Representatives as soon as possible.
Currently in Congress as a provision of the Omnibus 2018 Appropriations Bill, is
a measure that would allow the killing or sale to kill buyers of tens of thousands of
America’s last remaining and precious wild horses and burros.
After reading my input below, I suggest you compose your own heart-felt letter to both your US Representative and your US Senators
(I suggest writing to both of them for your state).

Here are the links for you to find these:

And here is my message: I am writing you today to wish you a Happy Independence Day and to urge you to rescind all motions in Congress that are aimed at taking away the current protections for America’s cherished wild horses and burros. These animals have great character and are the very embodiment of freedom and independence and, as such, are inspiring to millions of people who can still see and in all ways perceive their true nature, especially as expressed in the world of nature.
I am aware that current proposals in both the House of Representatives and the Senate are aimed at stripping these majestic animals of their customary protection and reducing them just to so much fodder for the conscience-less kill buyers and slaughter plant owners and operators. This is a deplorable prospect and all people of conscience must rise up to prevent this.
We must realize that these national heritage species have a special status on many millions of acres of public lands, where they are legally entitled to the “principal” portion of the resource pie. That this provision of the unanimously passed Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act has been ignored is all the more reason that these victimized and scapegoated remnants of the Wild West, not be served further cruel disregard.
I am therefor asking you to cancel the current provisions of the Omnibus 2018 Appropriations Bill that would open these horses up to unspeakable anguish, pain, betrayal at the hands of a species their kind has so faithfully and for so many centuries served (yet their truer place is in the world of nature). There are so many other sane alternatives and the best of these is to return these wonderful herbivorous mammals with post-gastric digestive systems and semi-nomadic habits, back to the public lands where they will play a truly life-saving role in reducing the exceptionally heavy vegetation that has sprung up due to exceptionally heavy precipitation received this past Winter and Spring and in areas where livestock cannot reach. They will, thus, prevent terrible catastrophic wildfires that jeopardize all living species, including us humans. They are here, these precious beings in horse or burro form, awaiting their release, ready and rearing to go to naturally and harmoniously save and restore the life community of our great nation and of our awesome world. We are all here for a reason, so why not let them fulfill their reason too?
I would like to gift you my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy, available as ebook or in print at should you want to refer to it immediately, which I strongly suggest you do. Look up in the Index under “fire prevention” and you will see the abundant evidence for these amazing equids’ role in this regard.
I would also like to request a personal meeting with you and have a petition “Stop the Excessive Roundups” that contains over 10,000 signers and their fervid comments – people who genuinely care about the wild horses and wild burros and their just restoration and allocation of fair resources such as forage and water.
Hoping to hear from you soon, I again take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful Independence Day!

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