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Presentations Offered by Craig C Downer

List of Presentations offered by
Craig C. Downer, Wildlife Ecologist,
President of Andean Tapir Fund/Wild Horse & Burro Fund, Author of The Wild Horse Conspiracy.
P.O. Box 456, Minden, NV 89423 USA.

Prepared March 20, 2019
1. A speech: “The World’s Endangered Species Today Present a Crisis of Conscience for Humanity”. This is a beautiful testimony for hope that is also a short autobiography. It weaves many elements concerning the endangered species crisis into a very moving & eloquent revelation & plea for all people to face up to this crisis & make some fundamental changes that can resolve this crisis. The compelling message of this half-hour speech is that there is still time, but that we all must do whatever we can to correct what needs to be corrected & that the world’s life community, including all its diverse species, is far too valuable for us to allow it to be unraveled & destroyed just for the sake of a few more years of wanton indulgence & mindless expansion. Refinement is the key to our success. Also, a brilliant aspect of this speech concerns its communication of the speaker’s personal lessons gleaned from a lifetime of experience & of truth seeking & how this has yielded insights concerning all life’s complementarity – its great unity, which in this speech is given a very inspiring connotation that will be left as a surprise. From a recapitulation of his extensive education involving several branches of knowledge, the speaker fashions a synthesis concerning the fundamentals of life & concerning both how & why we can solve the world’s endangered species crisis. Questions & discussion will follow. Speech is usually followed by one of his two digital slide slows described below.

2. A digital slide show of 252 slides entitled “The World’s Wild Perissodactyls: Restoring The Restorers of Ecological Balance”. This is a thoroughgoing professional presentation that the speaker has prepared with help from a fellow ecologist skilled in digital presentations. It reveals the many contributions that members of the Tapir, Rhino & Horse families of the Mammalian Order Perissodactyla make to ecosystems, while signaling the threatened & endangered status of almost all of the remaining 17 species & the reasons for this. Among other key points, it stresses how the post-gastric digestive system of Perissodactyls restores the vital humus content of soils & disperses the intact seeds of an impressive variety of plant species & to a greater degree than the pre-gastric ruminant digestive system of the Artiodactyla order of herbivores that are widely promoted by humans, especially the Bovid & Cervid families. The program also characterizes each of the three families & highlights a few to several of its species within each of these families. The program presents original observations & scientific discoveries of the presenter that concern the endangered Mountain, or Andean Tapir (Tapirus pinchaque) & both the wild horses & the wild burros of North America, both of which he studied & striven to conserve for decades. These slides present both the speaker’s & other ecologists’ & conservationists’ chief findings. The photos & charts that illustrate this program derive from many respected professional investigations & publications from all over the world, including those of the speaker. This program took the better part of a year of research & professional assembly & revision to perfect. It was prepared to be delivered at an international conference on the Perissodactyls of the world. Two hours would be required to deliver this, and if 2 & 1/2 or 3 hours are possible, this would be very welcome. A digital projector with USB connection & screen would be needed.

3. This PowerPoint presentation is entitled “Wild Horses & Burros: Wonderful Restorers” & it contains 233 slides & reveals many of the positive contributions that naturally living horses & burros make to ecosystems. This presentation was also prepared in collaboration with a professional digital media person & its stunning photos & revealing graphs have been professionally enhanced. It contains many stunning photos of the wild horses & wild burros & their spectacular habitats throughout the West & Canada where the speaker has personally visited & conducted herd & habitat evaluations. Ordered in a lively & logical way, the photos, graphs, charts & tables reveal the beauty of these equids & their natural homes, prove their positive contributions to ecosystems & summarize the facts & concepts that need to be recognized in order to gain a just overview of these important & evolutionarily deeply rooted presences in the North American life community. The presentation combines the author’s scholarly research & in-field investigations with the points he uses in his defense of America’s naturally living horses & burros. The great variety of photos splendidly reveal the great intrinsic value of these highly evolved animals who have done so much for humanity for many centuries. The speaker believes that these two closely related equid species possess a special wisdom & benign healing role that is crucially important for the urgently needed restoration of balance in a our world. He will present many illuminating points, including their vital importance in mitigating & even preventing catastrophic wildfires – now very much on the increase due to Global Climate Change. As free & naturally living presences, these equids enhance the general quality of life for humanity & the rest of life. This program has been presented to several audiences including at universities & takes two hours. If two-&-one-half or three hours are available, this would be most welcome. A digital projector with USB connection & screen would be needed.
Please note that speaker asks only for transportation & lodging costs & a fair tax-deductible contribution to his non-profit organization, the Andean Tapir Fund, a 501 c 3 based in Nevada, USA. Exact details can be arranged with the speaker, who is willing to stay at host’s or supporter’s home. See above contacts.

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