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Assessment of Justice for Americas Wild Horses and Burros in AZ, CA, NV and OR 4/28/2019

Assessment of Justice Issue for Americas wild horses & burros AZ CA NV OR 4-28-19

The second part of this report will be completed soon and will including the results of Craig Downer’s ecological transects and evaluations of the herd areas and observation of the herds

Please call to complain to your Senators & Representatives as well as to the BLM & USFS officials.
The Congressional Switchboard number for the Senator’s & Representative’s offices is (202) 224-3121.
The BLM national number is (775)861-6583 for the National Wild Horse & Burro Program.
For the Nevada State BLM office it is (775) 861-6590.
For the Carson City BLM Field Office it is (775) 885-6000.
The number of the WH & B program PR man Jason Lutterman is (775) 861-6614., or in Washington (202) 304-0967.

Many of the other states & their district offices can be obtained by clicking on the wild horse & burro program link for the different Western states at the BLM website BLM.
The US Forest Service can be google for its wild horse & burro program link. There are some drastic measures being introduced
into Congress that would further jeopardize the future of the wild horses & burros in the wild.

To find details of your representatives go to Calling My Congress

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