The Wild Horse Conspiracy

Observations and Ecological Evaluations July 2019

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Our organization is very active confronting the misinformation campaign
put out by the wild horses’ & burros’ enemies. We are constantly standing up and
giving inputs, including through government plans asking for public input,
through speeches and radio and television appearances, newspaper and
magazine articles and letters, as well as on the internet including Twitter
and Facebook. (See FB page of Craig Downer & also of The Wild Horse Conspiracy.)
Also the President of this organization is very active through declarations for court cases,
and, of course, through the field projects that are subject of this far-reaching report.
These adventurous trips get our wildlife ecologist out where the wild horses and
wild burros actually live in order to observe how they and their legal habitat.
This permits our organization to accurately defend their rights to adequate resources
— and where such defense is most needed!

Those wishing to support our important and timely work can contribute tax-deductible donations

Writing a check to Andean Tapir Fund or to
Wild Horse and Burro Fund (which is a bank account under the Andean Tapir Fund)
and mailing it to P.O. Box 456, Minden, NV 89423 USA.

Donating through either of the websites where contribution options are highlighted.
Please visit
and also A PayPal button is quick and efficient.

Also, please consider donating to our wildlife ecologist’s Go Fund Me aided project
called Reserve Design for Wild Horses and Burros. The link here is: And the proposal outlines
an intelligent plan for restoring viable herds throughout the west and is being accomplished
as support allows.

Our organization also offer wild horse & burro greeting cards. Each has a map showing all the herds
in the western United States. This is on the back cover, while an exquisite photo of the
wild horses in their natural habitat is on the front of the card. There are a number of different
horses and habitats and their location and date of photo is indicated on the back of the card.

Our organization’s challenge to everyone is that they take an active role in helping the wild horses and wild burros
IN THE WILD by securing their complete habitat needs for herds of appropriate number and with
appropriate habitat so that they can survive for generations to come.

We do this because:

Wild horses are wonderful presences in our world who deserve to live freely and naturally!

Please help them to realize their healing place and role in our shared home, our precious planet Earth.

Have a heart for the horses!

Get to know the wild horses or wild burros nearest you or that are of particular interest to you
and become their defender.

Go to and sign up to be on the alert list
and to check out all the great information in support of the naturally living horses and burros
and what can be done to restore them as the healing and wildfire-preventing presences they
in fact are. And consider arranging for our wildlife ecologist to come and give his special speech and
PowerPoint presentations in your community.

Check out the highly praised book: “The Wild Horse Conspiracy” to learn in depth about these
amazing animals including their evolution and history, their ecology and why they belong and
how they contribute to restoring the Earth.

A signed book can be obtained via the website or the book can be ordered in print or as an ebook at

For any contribution of $100 or more a free signed copy of the book will be given. Also consider
ordering the 45-minute CD “Wild Horse Rhapsody, that contains original melodies by Craig C.
Downer and is performed and arranged by professional pianist Joanne Grauer. For those
contributing $200 or more both the book and the CD will be given. Opportunities also exist to
assist our wildlife ecologist in his in-field Reserve Design and ecological evaluation projects
and/or in research and activism to defend and restore these beautiful and spirited, ecologically
beneficial and returned North American native species, aka “national heritage species.”


Craig C. Downer,
Wildlife Ecologist, President
Andean Tapir Fund / Wild Horse and Burro Fund
P.O. Box 456
Minden, NV 89423

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