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Invitation to join Craig Downer in a Zoom Webinar on Reserve Design 9/18/2020

Zoom Webinar on Reserve Design – September 18th at 6 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Internationally acclaimed Wildlife Ecologist will answer your questions about his Reserve Design. This Q & A will be a Zoom Event. There is no charge to attend the Event nor to accept the Zoom Invitation. Please see the Schedule for how to Register. Questions and Registrations will be accepted up to 48 hours before the Event. Numbers are limited so register early.
“Reserve Design combines ecological, biological, social, and political considerations in order to achieve desired results,” explains Craig Downer wildlife biologist and author. “Basically, wild horse/burro Reserve Design involves the setting aside of areas of wild-equid-containing, year-round habitat where human intervention is buffered against and/or strictly controlled, and where natural processes are allowed to reestablish natural checks and balances. In this way, a significant degree of internal harmony is achieved for all diverse, yet interrelated, species living in the area’s ecosystem.”

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