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Craig Downer has been able to capture the beauty and emotional connection Wild Horses show in his magnificent photography. These photos warm your heart. And when you see these creatures’ strength and power you can’t help but feel the need to help in their protection. Through Fine Art America, you can see a gallery of Craig’s special moments and experiences with these wonderful creatures. You can join us in protecting them since all of the proceeds from the purchase of these photos will go to the Andean Tapir Fund to protect them to roam where they belong–free and wild on the mountains and plains of America’s public lands! You can purchase these photos in a variety of heights and widths, but they also have iPhone cases. postcards, framing, calendars and much more.

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Please click on the link below and you will be directed to Craig C. Downers Artist Gallery:

If you would like to just make a donation instead of a purchase then just click our donate button, every donation is the salvation for the Wild Horses. We thank you for your charitable donations.

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