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Mountain, or Andean Tapir, Keystone species of the northern Andes & how to save it. Craig C Downer The Action Hour

Check out this relative of horse and burros, the endangered Mountain or Andean Tapir. These hardy mammal lives in the Andes but only a few thousand remain in isolated parts of Colombia, Ecuador and northern Peru. Craig did a pioneer study of these ancient survivors who have such a unique and indispensable role to play on this precious life stage we call Earth, or Tierra, or Gaia

Subject: Brilliant Photo-illustrated video in which Craig C Downer, Wildlife Ecologist reveals the great ecological importance and survival plight of the amazing Endangered Mountain, or Andean, Tapir of Northern Andes of South America. Program recorded live on Saturday 9-11-2021 from 10 AM to 11 AM on The Action Hour with host Lindsey Baker on JaneUnchained FB network.

Craig Downer’s video from Jane Unchained News

This program is a real rare treasure find! My host and I will be explaining about my years of work to learn about and save this ecologically important but persecuted ancient survivor. Some beautiful pictures and videos will be shown from the spectacular Andes and of this rarely seen mammal. This tapir is a critical keystone species within the life community of the mid to high Andean forests and paramos in northern South America from northern Peru through Ecuador and into Colombia, formerly in Venezuela.

I have an Action Plan to Save this Keystone Species in one of the world’s biodiversity Hotspots! Learn about our program that has been going on for three decades and how we are actually saving this fascinating great survivor from millions of years and how you can help.

The Mountain Tapir is a natural gardener and restorer of the Andes and a close relative of horses and rhinos!

For a Restored Earth!




You can learn much more and how to help this impressive and ecologically important species at Craig’s website

and also form the following links.

Plan_Tapires_IUCN_1997.pdf (

This is the link for

Also please watch Craig C Downer, wildlife ecologist and lifelong wild horse and burro observer and defender in the wild on the JaneUnchained network’s The Action Hour with host Lindsey Baker. He was hosted this past month-plus twice, first time defending the famous Onaqui wild horses of Utah, whom he recently visited and was legal defender of, and the second time defending many other herds of wild horses and burros giving little known details about many lesser known herds such as the Sulphur and Conger herds. In these dynamic and enlightening programs, some revealing photos and video greatly enhance the presentation and show what is actually happening now. Here are the links to the two programs.


Latest News

Craig C Downer hosted by The Action Hour describing the northern Andean Keystone species the Mountain, or Andean, Tapir and why it is Endangered and how it can be saved from recorded program on 9/11/2021

Calico Complex EA input from Craig Downer

Sulphur Environmental Assessment for Wild Horse Gather your input needed by April 25th 2021 Environmental Assessment and Report on Wild Horse Herds in Western Utah and Eastern and Central Nevada

Report on Wild Horse Herds and Habitats in Western Utah and Eastern and Central Nevada

White Paper by Wild Horse Freedom Foundation

Surprise Complex Wild Horse and Burro Gather Plan – Preliminary EA. Comments due February 14th, 2021

Letter to Members of 117th Congress – Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act Implementation by BLM and USFS USDA

Help save the Desatoya wild horses. Please add your comments by January 9th, 2021

Pancake Complex Wild Horse Gather Environmental Assessment – please add your input by December 11th, 2020 4:00pm PST

Pancake Complex Data from Marybeth Devlin

BLM’s Red Desert Complex wild horse roundup

Mustangs & Renegades . . . A Modern Day Western!

Webinar: Craig C. Downer Reserve design Revisited / Fertility Control and concerns especially the brumbies but really all naturally liviing horses and burros too as well as other species 10/16/2020 6pm Pacific Daylight Time/10/17/2020 12:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time

National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Comments 9/8/2020

Recording of the Reserve Design Webinar 9/18/2020

Invitation to join Craig Downer in a zoom webinar on Reserve Design 9/18/2020

URGENT ACTION ALERT – Save Americas last wild horses and burros!

Savagery in the Great Basin by Kate Fite

Comment on Draft EA Nevada Wild Horse Range HMA Wild Horse Gather Plan

BLM fuel reduction planned for Big Basin – comments needed by June 2nd, 2020

Barren Valley Complex Wild Horse Population management

Support the Wild Horse Resolution

Public Input to Ochoco National Forest Draft E.A. for Amendment to Big Summit Territory Wild
Horse Herd Management Plan. Comments due: Monday, May 18th, 2020.

Public comment on the the Rock Springs Wild Horses due April 30th 2020. Please read Craig Downer’s comments here.

Public comment on the the Black Mountain HMA Wild Burro Gather & Population Control Plan is due April 1st 2020. Please read Craig Downer’s comments here.

Why PZP and wild horses do not belong together

Heber Arizona Wild Horse Territory Plan

Swasey HMA Wild Horse Gather Plan E.A., public comments due February 20, 2020

Craig Downer presentation on wild horses and burros perissodactyls and endangered species of america and the world 1/7/2020

PRESS RELEASE The Mustang Man, Craig C. Downer, Exonerating Wild Horses & Burros, Fighting to Keep Them Free. A new 24-minute video documentary features the many positive contributions that wild horses and burros make to ecosystems and effectively disproves many of the lies made by their biased enemies.

Trump administration calls wild horses biggest threat to public lands — here are the real threats

Is the latest wild horse plan really “a path forward”?

Support Alternative 5:No Grazing Alternative

Return to Freedom uses fear tactic to push disastrous proposal for America’s wild horses & burros by Debbie Coffey

Scoping Comment on Murderer’s Creek wild horse JMA plan

Cattle vs. Wild Horses (2002-2018). All data BLM.

Observations and Ecological Evaluations July 2019 – Legal Areas including Ecological Transects and Photos and Expose of Unfairness Issue complemental to April Report

Craig Downer’s letter to Senator Mike Lee July 15th 2019

Jessica Johnston’s great comments to BLM on their 10 year plan to round up wild horses & burros in the Twin Peaks HMA

Twin Peaks Wild Horse and Burro BLM Gather – input June 28 2019

Utah Wild Horse – Wolf & Wildlife Rally June 10th 2019

Burns, Oregon BLM proposedn wild mare spay experiments environmental assessment

Assessment of Justice for Americas Wild Horse and Burros – read now

Onaqui Mountain Wild Horses – Roundup Announced!

A special Earth Day poem “Tempestuous has Grown our Atmosphere”

List of Presentations offered by Craig C Downer

Fiftennmile Wild Horse Herd, Wyoming. Please email and give your input!

Pine Nut herd round up is unjustified

Please call your Senators!

Green New Deal

The Terrible Destruction of Pinyon-Juniper Forests

Craig Downer has been endorsed by Marquis Who’s Who as a leader in the conservation industry

New! Congressional alert to protect wild horses burros from excessive roundup and sale to kill buyers

Public comment needed on US Department of the Interior Retention Schedules

Here is a brilliant and masterful dissertation given great credence to horse species as being native to the North American continent.

Elaina Deva Host of The Devawhispers Show is Joined by, the Author of Wild Horse Conspiracy, Craig Carpenter Downer. Follow this link to listen!

Salt Lake City-Utah Advisory Board Meeting Comments due 10/2/2018

“The World’s Endangered Species Today Present a Crisis of Conscience for Humanity” Come to this lecture series and listen to Craig Downer speak. November, 3rd 2018 at 2 & 3:30 PM in the Sparks Museum in Sparks Nevada

Horse Herd Dynamics & the Art of Organizational Success by Kelly Wendorf

Urgent you input needed! Warm Springs Mare Sterilization Research Environmental Assessment (EA) Public Input due 8-31-18

The Blessings of the Wild Horse by Mary Devlin

Open letter from Ginger Kathrens: Our Wild Horses are Slaughter-Bound. Please contact your Congressmen now!

Excellent comments by Gayle Hunt, Pres. of Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition, on Colorado BLM’s Determination of NEPA Adequacy (DNA) – appeared first on Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

Brumbies can fill a useful role in Australian ecosystems, says Craig Downer

Listen to Craig Downer on Wild Horse & Burro Radio recorded 6/20/2018

EA Spay Feasibility and On Range Behavioral Outcomes Assessment and Warm Springs HMA Population Management Plan – Input due June 4 2018 4 pm

The Bureau of Land Management Lays Out the Plan to Manage Wild Horses and Burros to Extinction. Please call, write and protest!

!NEW! Report on the Oregon Wild Horse Herds and Habitats

LATEST Twin Peaks Wild Horse and Burro Report

Watch Craig Downer’s most recent interview on Meet America.

Environmental Assessment for the Seaman and White River Herd Areas – comments due January 22nd 2018

Input on public hearing on use of motorized vehicles and helicopters in rounding up wild horses

Renowned wildlife ecologist and author endorses ‘Wild Horse Fire Brigade’

Virginia Range wild horses threatened once more

Livestock Grazing on Public Lands Rectify the Heavy Impact – sign the petition!

The Diversity of Wild Horse Herds

Additional Response Input to National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board subsequent to learning of their recommendations

Avoid being manipulated by “selfish interests” in managing America’s wild horses, ecologist tells board.


Ecological imbalance: Why wildfires are increasing in US rangelands

Evolution of wild horses and cattle and the effect on range damage

Pryor Mountain Wild Horses – please submit your comments in writing by October 6th, 2017

Listen up about what we have to say about the wild horses and wild burros! Now is the time to come to their aid! To call your State senators call (202) 224-3121

Smoke Creek Complex for wild horses, your comments needed!

Comments on Pinyon Pine and Utah Juniper reduction and reseeding proposed project can be made until midnight PST today!

Proposal for the Antelope Complex and Triple B Complex. Please help by contacting the BLM Elko District Office!

What do elephants, whales and wild horses have in common? Its a celebration of elephants and all endangered wildlife. August 12, 2017.

Markup session to bring horse slaughter back and legalize wild horse slaughter next Wednesday 12th July 2017

A Celebration of Elephants & ALL Endangered Wildlife

Greetings from Wildhorse Ranch

Urgent message – help save the wild horses from a cruel and unjust death!

happening today 6/21/18! URGENT!!! Spread the word to save the wild horses and burros. Sec. Zinke defending his fiscal year 2018 budget, which asks Congress to lift ban on wild horse slaughter.

Important statement from Craig Downer 6/20/18

Craig Downer’s input to House of Representatives Appropriations committee to stop disastrous consequences for America’s wild horses and burros.

Pine Nut Mountain Wild Horses

Watch Craig Downer in this latest video about exposing injustice to wild horses.

Please help NOW to prevent terrible consequences for wild horses and burros

A Visit to Palomino Valley Holding Facility 2-14-2017 Pictures & More By Craig C. Downer & Meghan W. Dixon/ Wild Mustang Meghan.

Visit to Palomino Valley BLM Wild Horse & Burro Holding Facility on St Valentine’s Day.

Twin Peaks Wild Horses Report with further information and how you can help.

Will There Be a Healthy Future for Americas Wild Horses by Craig C Downer

International Rally Fight for the Survival of Wild Horses & Burros in Salem, Oregon April 23rd, 2017

Twin Peaks Flight FINAL Report

Video of Craig Downer with Anne Novak of Protect Mustangs..

Maverick Mustangs of the Salt River By Tom Porter.

BLM proposed wild horse gather of North Lander Complex of 4 HMAs in Wyoming. Public input needed by 1-31-2017

Rush Fire Report – Twin Peaks Wild Horse and Burro HMA

Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Herd Recalculation Report. Public input needed by 1-24-2017

Pine Nut Mountain Wild Horse Draft Herd Management Area Plan public input needed by 1-22-2017




Christmas Special! The first 25 people to purchase a copy of The Wild Horse Conspiracy will receive a copy of Dark Stallions – Legend of the Centaurians

Sagebrush Ecosystem Environmental Assessment – public input needed by December 5th!

Listen to Wild Horse and Burro Radio tonight at 5pm PST.Interview with ELAINE NASH, Founder and Director of Fleet of Angels, a grassroots movement of horse lovers who own trailers and are willing to help transport equines to safety when their lives are in danger.

Listen to Craig Downer on Wild Horse and Burro Radio Wednesday 2nd November 5pm to 6pm PT

Press Release from Karen Sussman regarding the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros

Will There Be a Healthy Future for America’s Wild Horses and Burros IN THE WILD! PZP or Reserve Design? You Decide!

Audio from Blue Sky Horse Radio Interview 9/18/16

Scientific article on the valuable place the wild horse has in our world today

Listen to Craig Downer on the Big Blend Radio – Nature Connection Show on Monday 12th September from 1pm to 3pm PT

Listen to Craig Downer on the Big Blend Radio – Nature Connection Show on Monday 12th September from 1pm to 3pm PT

Response to Ben Masters’ justification of drastic measures toward America’s last wild horses and burros

Palomino Valley Report and photographs – Read Craig Downer’s report om the Palomino Valley holding facility

Read the judge’s response concerning Jerri Tillet’s defense of the Pryor Mountain Horses

How to tune in to live streaming event: Learn about Reserve Design on Thursday, May 26th

Learn about Reserve Design on Thursday, May 26th

Craig Downer’s comments on Draft EA for population control research on wild horses for the Conger Mountain and Frisco HMA’s

View Craig Downer’s gallery of wild horse photographs from the Rodgecrest holding facility and Pine Nut Mountain HMA

Latest article from Craig Downer in the Reno Gazette.

Listen to Blue Sky Horse Radio’s interview with Craig Downer.

Listen to Craig Downer 4/10/16 on the Blue Sky Horse Radio program hosted by Jenniefer E. Stronge this coming Sunday, April 10, 2016 from 2 PM Eastern time, 1 PM Central time, 12 Noon Mountain time, and 11 AM Pacific time.

Blue Wing Wild Horse and Burro Complex – environmental assessment, comments due April 7th 2016

BLOCK the BLM request for Wild Horse and Burro Slaughter and Sterilization. Copy of Craig Downer’s letter and link to the Committee of Appropriations

AMERICA’S WILD HORSES AND BURROS MUST MAKE A COMEBACK! – Craig Downer’s latest article in Horseback Magazine

Amendments to the Appropriation Bill that will affect our wild horses. ACT NOW!

Amendments to the Appropriation Bill make changes to the wild free roaming horse and burro act. ACT NOW!

Have you read The Wild Horse Conspiracy? Get your copy today!

BLM caught illegally selling captured wild horses to be processed as meat

gofundme – UPDATE

Zoocheck media release

Listen to Craig Downer on Voices and Views this Saturday 1/23/16 4pm to 5pm mountain time

Read letter Congressman Sam Farr and Congresswoman Michelle Grisham sent to the Dept. of Justice Dec 7th, 2015, seeking criminal action against BLM and Tom Davis for illegally sending 1794 wild horses to slaughter.

Wild Mare Sterilization – Burns, Oregon

Salt River Ecosystem, Tonto National Forest, Arizona. Craig’s latest report.

Comment from Craig Downer to officals from Mesa Verde National Park.

Read Craig Downer’s Report on the Wild Horses and Ecosystems of Alberta.

Craig Downer’s letter to BLM Wyoming

Please support our Go Fund Me Campaign! Reserve Design for Wild Horses.

Craig Downer will be speaking on December 6th at 3pm EST on Blue Sky Horse Radio. Listen to the interview on SoundFM –

The holidays are here! Poochie Au Pair has put together a great list of ethical, sustainable, animal friendly, and in many cases organic and fair-trade companies for your holiday shopping.

Read Craig Downer’s article from American Journal of Life Sciences The horse and burro as positively contributing returned natives in North America Published January 2014

Read Craig Downer’s article in trueCOWBOY magazine p.20 to p.25

Protest of plan for sterilization of Saylor Creek wild horse herd

Protest of Planned Wild Horse Gather in Beaty’s Butte HMA, Lakeview District of BLM, Oregon

Investigative report of BLM wild horse buyer by Kat Hayden

Read Sharon St Joan’s two part article The American wild horse – native or feral? Does it matter?

Safe Food! Safe Horses! Join The March2DC – September 29th

Read Craig Downer’s latest article in the Reno Gazette-Journal

Read Craig Downer’s Salt River Ecological Report

Read Craig Downer’s article in the August edition of True Cowboy Magazine

Action needed to save the Salt River Wild Horses – read the ISPMB’s information

Read Craig Downer’s proposal for the Salt River Wild Horses in Mesa, AZ

ALERT! The Forest service is announcing the annilhation of the Salt Water Wild Horses in Mesa, AZ

Listen now to Craig Downer’s radio interview on DG Networks/Universal One Broadcasting

Read more about Craig Downer’s up and coming interview here. The interview will be on DGNetworks/Universal One Broadcasting on July 14, 2015. 11.00 Paciifc/14.00 Eastern.

Listen to Craig Downer on DGNetworks/Universal One Broadcasting on July 14, 2015. 11.00 Paciifc/14.00 Eastern.

Please write to your elected officials to highlight the plight of wild horses currently in BLM holding facilities

Response from Craig C. Downer, Wildlife Ecologist for the Wild Horses of America: HorsesBURN / BLM BurningMan VIP to stop at PVC

Letter to Ely BLM from Craig Downer re: Water Canyon Wild Horse Growth Suppression Pilot Program”

Article on PZP by Karen A. Sussman, President of ISPMB”

Read Craig’s latest article “Wild Horses – Humanity’s Noble Challenge for Today!”

Listen to Craig Downer on Montana’s 89.9FM KGPR’s Voices and Views on 5/16/15 between 4pm – 5pm Mountain time

Permit renewal for cattle grazing, Sunflower grazing permit, in Mesa area of Tonto National Forest, opposition to. Comments due by May 10th, 2015

Proposal to gather 170 wild horses and removal of 30 (aged 1 to 3 years) Pryor MWHR – your comments are needed by 4/24/15 to the BLM Office, Billings, MT

Wild horses in an Alberta clearcut…natural rewilding? Article by Dr Judith Samson-French.

Nevada’s Wild horses and Burros need your help. Urge your legislator to oppose AB408.

Read Craig Downer’s comments on the Carson City Draft Resource Management Plan (RMP). Send your own input to the RMP Program Manager at: by April, 27th.

Debate rages over the use of birth control on wild horses and burros. Read this article from the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros.

Interesting article about PZP and other fertility control and their effects 3/16/15

For those of you who would like to donate to the Wild Horse Conspiracy book fundraiser so we can get more of Craigs books into the hands of decision-makers, please do so. Thank you! 3/2/15

Watch video of Craig’s statement to the Tr-State Resource Advisory Council meeting NV 2/26/15

Read Craig’s statement to the Tr-State Resource Advisory Council meeting, Sparks, NV 2/26/15

BREAKING NEWS: Judge temporarily blocks the roundup and forced drugging of beloved Nevada herd known from THE MISFITS

The Pine Nut Wild horses need more evidence before it’s too late to get it. Please HELP donate to the evidence fundraiser here

Buy a t-shirt to help support Protect Pine Nut Wild Horses!

Latest suit to block Nevada mustang roundups

Read Craig Downer and Jesica Johnston’s Twin Peaks Flight Report

Breaking News: Planned roundup of wild horses put on hold!

Breaking News:Protect Mustangs & Friends of Animals file lawsuit to stop Pine Nut Mountains roundup

Take action: Save 6 wild horse herds BLM wants to wipe out! Read Craig Downer’s report

Watch the wonderful YouTube video explaining the rock-hard evidence for the ancient and long-standing presence and belonging of the horse in North America! Please note that currently the audio on the video does not work on mobile devices

Read the letter Craig has just written to the South Jiggs Complex, Nevada Environmental Assessment Team

Read the article Craig has just written for Protect Mustangs!

It’s #Giving Tuesday! Craig Downer and Anne Novak’s organizations need your help!

Craig Downer to speak at the Museum of Animals & Society November 16

Craig Downer to speak at the Orton Center, Redlands November 17

Reproductive Experiments on Colorado’s Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse Herd Proposed

One Hundred More Wild Horses Being Removed from Herd Area in Nevada

More >


Why is the government rounding up horses and burros?
The government is responding to pressure from the public lands livestock industry, the oil and natural gas industry and the big-game hunting lobby. They make all types of claims and list all kinds of reasons in order to justify the eradication of the wild horses and burros, but their true motivations are simple commercial ones.

Why the subterfuge?
As long as a substantial portion of the American public views our public lands as places safeguarding nature and of aesthetic beauty, the BLM, USFS and above named industries will run up against public sentiment and as a result political barriers.

If we allow this activity to continue, our public lands will lose to an even greater extent their natural and scenic integrity, beauty and wildness. The lands would become even further transformed into industrial wastelands owned, controlled and exploited by corporations.

Polls have shown that the vast majority of Americans deeply value our public lands. To save the lands and the wild horses and burros on them, we need you to join us so that together we can make our voices heard and bring about change.

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