The Wild Horse Conspiracy

Further criticism of pusillanimous report and recommendations of NAS wild horse & burro committee with my own professional recommendations

While the NAS report did point out something wrong with US wild horse and burro program, it was not the fine and thoroughgoing, honest and objective analysis I had hoped for. In the video summarizing some of the results and recommendations, committee chairman Palmer basically goes along with the lies that the BLM wild horse program have been purveying to the public for years: overpopulation, urgent need to reign in populations before they destroy the habitat, etc. So the upshot is for more bloody manipulation of the wild horses and burros through chemical sterilization of the stallions, more PZPed mares, etc. As a wildlife ecologist who appreciates the deeply native place and substantially positive ecologically restorative role of the returned native equids in America, and as one who gave much input to this committee at a professional level, I am very disappointed. I describe the solution in my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy, and it is not the “quick fix drug” approach, but actually taking responsibility for what has gone so dreadfully wrong and actually putting the wild horses and burros best interest at heart and making the sacrifices in terms of old outmoded and disharmonious lifestyles so that long-term viable and ecologically well-adapted populations of wild horses may be restored. By doing what’s right in regard to the horses and burros and their rightful freedom on their rightful land, for a change, humans will find they will also be helping themselves, though this must not be their reason for so acting. Please check out my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy (available on for my more detailed description of what must happen, i.e. restoration of herds, decrease in livestock, energy development, etc., in legal areas, and the implementation of intelligent and caring, by-wisdom-governed Reserve Design.

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