The Wild Horse Conspiracy

Another deceptive article on wild horses refuted!

Re: “Family Planning for America’s Wild Horses” by Richard Conniff (8/22/13, This is a very biased article about the wild horses. The author makes no mention of the horses being a native species that refills a vacant niche nor to the many ecological services it provides including building soils and reseeding many plants, preventing catastrophic fires, acting as a prey and scavenged species, etc. This article is so blind in its view of the beautiful wild horses, who are being victimized and deprived of their rightful place in America. I outline a plan for the restoration herds as long-term viable, ecologically well adapted (because allowed to adapt), and naturally self-stabilizing populations in my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy (available on amazon). This is called Reserve Design and it involves the intelligent provision for the wild horses as to habitat needs with the implementation or natural design of reserves to contain the herds and keep them out of harms way. This is what should have been done from the onset of the Wild Horse and Burro program in 1971 and is in keeping wit the true core intent of the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act.

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