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Radio Internet program The World of Horses tomorrow Sunday night

Sunday evening 8/25/13 ,The Live Radio Show ” THE WORLD of HORSES “
Show Topic this week :
This week is a very special show with Craig C. Downer, wildlife ecologist, and author . We will be discussing the message of his excellent book
” The Wild Horse Conspiracy ” , along with Craig’s views on Horse rescues and Equine slaughter.. Also we will discuss other Horse related topics pertaining to saving one of Americas precious natural treasures !!…..

Your welcome to join in the broadcast by calling into the radio show on the toll free 800# , or sending an E-mail into the studio . High speed Internet Text Messaging is also available for your comments and questions during the radio show on Sunday evening.

The Live show starts at 8:00pm central time Sunday night …
Last weeks show is streaming 24/7 right now !!
No signing in or joining up ; totally 100% Free …

Log onto to listen to the show or watch the 277 videos..

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