The Wild Horse Conspiracy

Radio Shows coming up plus report on Palomino Holding wild horse rally

Will be on Hopi High Teen Show next Tuesday, Sept 10th, 2013, in Arizona. Host will be Allen Honyouti. Tis will be live streaming at Also was at rally for wild horses yesterday at the BLM Palomino wh/b holding facility. So sad to see these wonderful animals deprived of their natural freedom. Congressman Raul Grijalva gave a speech as did actress Wendi Malick and founder of Return to Freedom Neda de Mayo. It was pointed out how grossly unfair the number of livestock vs wild horses and burros are not only on the public lands as a whole but within the legal herd areas.  Grijalva mentioned reviving the Restore Our American Mustangs bill (ROAM). This is an excellent idea!

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