The Wild Horse Conspiracy

Deceptive new coalition seeks to thwart progress and fairness for wild horses and burros

In regard to this outlandish further move by the old crusty establishment to thwart any true progress for the wild horses and burros and their rightful freedom and returned natives contained in the article I have the following response: This article is so unbalanced and full of false assumptions it is outrageous. For Rentz to state that the horse is a non-native to North America is a shameful lie. Also to ignore the gross unfairness issue here in relation to livestock, mining, energy extracting, big game hunting and other ecologically disruptive disturbers of the natural order reeks of hypocrisy! No recognition is given at all of the many positive contributions wild horses make to the ecosystem as a non-ruminant, post gastric digester who helps to build soils through humus and to disperse the viable seeds of many native plants and both to a much greater degree than do the ruminant grazers. Please read my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy. I am a wildlife ecologist and am unbeholden to the big monopolizers of the public lands who are so utterly blind and mendacious on the issue of the wild horses and their meritorious natural freedom in many regions of North America. I propose a Reserve Design strategy to reestablish the wild horses and burros as naturally self stabilizing populations. Check it out! It is in Ch. IV of my book, and you will discover many other timely insights there as well. Then let’s work together as caring and rational human beings to do justice both to the horses and burros and to the land and ecosystem where they originated and evolved for such an awesome span of time.

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