The Wild Horse Conspiracy

Excellent Expose of wild horse betrayal by BLM and Dept of Interior in Denver Post
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Mr. A:
Mr. A: Read Craig Downer’s “The Wild Horse Conspiracy”. You’ll learn how mislead you are as of now. Americans have been duped for decades. These horses are wild and under protection of law, which is broken daily. Americans are kept in the dark and deceived by schemes driven by special interests and personal agendas. The NAS reports is another ploy to pacify the public into believing new paths are undertaken… whilst thousands of wild horses are illegally sold to middlemen who profit sending them to Mexico. The BLM has led a propaganda that abused our tax funds, our trust, our democracy with lies and empty promises. Good ol’boys well trained in PR manipulation are exploiting our public lands and selling them off to VIP cattle ranchers etc. whilst feeding the public the same old BS stories of starvation etc. Most HMA’s are completely zeroed out of wild horses while cattle 50:1 get grazing rights, on lands that legally belong to equines. BLM’s data, statistics and current care are atrocious and in transparently presented. Promises of reform garnish the audacity with which the extinction of our last wild horses is pursued. Experimental, cruel ovariectomies are undertaken, speak permanent “management” – while you are being told the drama tales of starvation etc. Those equines in holding suffer in barren feed lot style pens without protection from any elements, they are neglected against any welfare standards while BLM promises change… inquiries to holding costs analysis, protocol to their care, routines etc. are withheld, while BLM draws a paycheck from you, the tax payer.
This is not the fiction product vision of horsie wussies. It is brutal reality, cleverly disguised and sparely published. Main media and even the biggest animal welfare organizations are afraid to take on the Fed’s. The BLM is a regime that operates in covert tactics, with brutality to animals that pale the unsuspected. After a national outcry for better humane treatment to horses stuck in holding, BLM organized a “workshop” in which reform of shade trials was promised to be done in two months. As of today, none but a minimal tarped roof over a sick pen has been erected. Dr. Carolyn Stull, Ph.D. but not a clinical vet, hired on by BLM, led the agenda by recommending standards in total contradiction to her Code of Care for horses in CA. (read link below). She also was to publish a much anticipated Animal Welfare Program for BLM by October. Inquiries to Dr. Stull have been ignored.
Any private person applying “BLM standards” to their animals would be fined and charged with animal cruelty.
The bigger picture of how you are deceived as tax paying puppets is scandalous at best. You buy into the hypes spoon fed by this agency – and it would do you good to check out to find out what is REALLY going on in regards to slaughter.
BLM is abusive – to our horses, our trust and our tax funds. It is an agency having created a mess that has been documented by those who dared to find the truth and it is time others like you wake up. Quit buying the hand me down hypes and educate yourself. You will not find this truth on main stream media much. But there are plenty of sources available. Horses are victimized – scapegoated and sold off to further an agenda to which most Americans are opposed. I believe if you find out the truth, you will join the rest who is not blinded by greed and manipulation. BLM needs dissolved. The new Secretary of Interior’s stance is another let down for our mustangs and burros – weak, evasive and PR driven to sweat performances under pressure of other brass in this regime – whilst the horror on the range and in holding continue happily ever after, whilst you hear the whining of sequester etc. and the agendas continue without a wink of an eye. Funds are not allocated appropriately, and repeated inquires to see such analysis as for holding costs have been ignored. All things wild horses have become an outrageous and shameful chapter in American history, because the very people who have so greatly benefited from the service of our wild horses, having helped build this country… are being duped and made to believe – manipulated and misled – as few have the guts and determination to find the truth.
Wild horse advocate says BLM round-up facility is failing horses (Includes interview)–0915.html–0915.html
A grim future awaits the nation’s wild horses
By Andrew Cohen
Guest Commentary
Posted: 11/13/2013 05:27:43 PM MST3 comments | Updated: about 5 hours ago

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