The Wild Horse Conspiracy

Special Gifts for Holy Days book The Wild Horse Conspiracy, in print and/or eBook, and inspiring Wild Horse Rhapsody CD on piano,

Remember my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy and original musical CD Wild Horse Rhapsody as possible gifts this Holy Days season! and eBook which you can share with others and has all color photos (many) of the wild horses and burros in the wild etc. To get the musical CD and signed book go onto and click on the Contribute section and you can get with PayPal and I will send out immediately. On amazon if you get the book you can get the eBook for just $3 more. This will help me carry out my work including realizing the Reserve Design proposal that is the solution and what should have been done since the WFHBA’s inception in 1971. Also don’t forget to sign the petition if you have not already. I will be delivering this with positive impact early in the year. Also be sure to Check out my new website that has many valuable inputs and timely information including the expose on the targeting of the pinyon pines and juniper trees done to further the monopoly of livestock ranchers on the public lands. Enjoy a delightful Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever it is you celebrate in honor of the Great Spirit and a bright New Year 2014 full of positive changes for the horses, burros and their freedom and all concerned. 2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse, a most ancient culture, so there must be something to this.

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