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Craig C. Downer on The World of Horses this coming Sunday 12/22/13 6-8 PM. Call in/ Listen

Please try to listen in this Sunday evening. Last time there was a vigorous discussion with Dr. Lester Friedlander. I will be bringing many timely points and outlining a solution to the present crisis and a pathway to its achievement. Hope you can participate in this exciting program for the wild horses and their rightful freedom! You can phone in questions and comments too. Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah! Bright New Year, 2014, Year of the Horse!

This coming Sunday evening 12/22/13 on > ” THE WORLD of HORSES”

Craig Downer will be our guest for the evening . There will be a spirited debate and discussion about the issues concerning Wild Horses & Burros in the USA !! Each time Craig is on the show it proves to be a very informative and thought provoking conversation . Please log on and join this very informative interview with Craig Downer ..You can send Emails or text the show to be a part of the discussion !!

The radio show is broadcast live every Sunday evening from 8:00 pm until 10:00 pm central time .

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Show streams 24/7 until the next live Sunday night radio show …

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