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Greetings from Wildhorse Ranch

(where humans live in harmony with wild horses)

Friends of our wild horses/burros:

Most advocates don’t have a clue about Wildhorse Ranch or who my wife and I are. I think it may be important to share a bit, so that other advocates have a little understanding about Laura and I, our motivations, and why we have done what *we* could (saved a small herd by using our life savings to secure their habitat forever as private wild horse property), which was motivated from our love of the horses and the herd.

We don’t want anyone’s money (donations), we don’t want to be on TV or the News, we aren’t seeking any fame or attention and lastly, we don’t want to be the ‘face’ of the wild horse advocacy.

We do however want to educate people (who don’t know) how wondrous wild horses are, and help them to understand why we must immediately save 40,000+ horses in BLM corrals, so they can save our forests and watersheds.

We need as many ‘positive’ people engaged in this effort and focused on the horses:

And promoting this initiative (linked just below) as our offer and solution to the BLM & Sec. Zinke in regard to the initial exigent issue of 40k+ horses in distress.

Once this is accomplished, advcates can then move-onto the next most critical issue using the same ‘positive’ approach and using the right negotiating process and tactics, to deal with the longer term issues of protecting the horses, and as some of you know, I have offered a bold new plan for that purpose. Like anything in life, there are methods for doing things that work, and those which have limited or no results.

I have experience with getting results; among many things in the past, I successfully lobbied Congress through one of my past Senators, and drafted a bill, which was passed, and accomplished what needed done. These deals are never done with a ‘my way or the highway’ approach… which is what too many wild horse advocates are doing right now, including some who know better.

Politics today, right or wrong, is what it is, and to get results (and it’s only about results for 40k horses), it takes an ability to work within the existing system. Hoping or demanding that the system work another way isn’t going to save the horses, trust me on this. Over longer periods of time, properly positioned ‘demands’ can change how things work. But we are out of time.

People are just people, regardless of titles.. insulting and offending people, sends most of them to a dark place, a place where some people consider revenge. America’s spiritual wild horses may become the innocent pawns for such a revenge.

The obtuse people spewing venom and hate are letting their bad habits increase the chances for the horses being sent to slaughter, possibly as a form of revenge against these inept advocates by the people on the receiving-end of all that negative energy. Negative energy in, yields negative energy out; this is why I really prefer not to hear from some people.

This negative behavior therefore places the horses into a situation of additional risk through activists acting-out with bad manners and behavior; it is increasing the risk of death for the 40,000 horses, not helping. Even among the Samurai of opposing war-lords who hated each other, there was respect. Respect must be given to be received, and respect is an commodity in negotiating and settling issues. We have some very visible people in the wild-horse advocacy who upon seeing the negatively via social media and email rants, say nothing on their own sites or in emails, and that is not leadership on any level.

Respectfully stating the facts; that slaughter is unacceptable to a majority of American people and concurrently offering officials an acceptable alternate path is the way this may be accomplished positively for all stakeholders.

We can only save these horses if we build a foundation within people with positive energies, who refrain from irritating the people who are holding the fate of these special horses in their very hands. (and the burros)

How can anyone with a negative bio-field themselves represent wild horses, which have such amazingly positive bio-fields? They cannot. Just engaging in all that negative venomous rhetoric and banter changes one’s energy for the worse, and negative energy builds negative resonant coherence, and adversely affects even more people… it’s the death spiral to a hell on earth.

I think if we reach-out and associate other positive people, who are involved in horse advocacy we can make a difference. However, by necessity (being up-front) we’ll have to openly marginalize those people who insist upon projecting negative energy because they only counter-act the positive flow, which hurts positive efforts and results; regardless of what negative people think; they are laboring in their own darkness.

There’s a lot (hours) of information in this article about ‘coherence’ (links to important teachings), and it teaches many ways to tap into the universal field that all living beings are tapped into, including and especially the wild horses… Science has now acknowledged there is no ‘dark matter’, and are now looking at the emerging date that supports a universal field of discrete interwoven energies… which includes the energies of all bio-fields.

Laura and I spend our mornings hugging wild horse babies and grooming the adults, an important social function where an exchange of positive coherence takes place (via converging-synchronizing bio-fields) leading to resonant coherence.

To those who haven’t studied and understand physics and quantum mechanics, it sounds like some kind of voodoo-magic, trust me, it’s not, as HeartMath has outlined.. the bio-energy fields that we can now finally measure are there; and there are many more ‘discrete energies’ that are just beyond current technology to sense and measure. However, the bio-sensory systems that animals and some humans have allow it to be felt (for instance horses are powerful empaths), which under the right conditions, develops that sensory capacity further (like a muscle being exercised, it gets stronger with the right nutrition…

Laura and I have experienced this through being in regular close contact with our local horses and their bio-fields.

We have to somehow get a group of folks on the same page who sense and understand that projecting negative energy won’t get us there with saving the horses… and align quickly to meet this challenge.

Cutting to the chase:

Here is something we can all promote respectfully, that is positive and is a potentially palatable compromise for the DOI & BLM and would save 40,000+ horses from the knives of evil men who would go against God’s law; horses must never be eaten … according to Leviticus-11 and Deuteronomy-14.

The benefits of the ‘Wild Horse Fire Brigade’ are four-fold (everyone gets a win):

1. Saves the Insurance Industry hundreds of $-millions as a function of their $-billion dollar wildfire property losses just in CA. They have the second largest lobby (financially) in Washington, D.C. ; and,

2. Save the forests & animals and critical watersheds from devastation by wildfires; and,

3. Saves the BLM $10-million in the costs of keeping horses corralled; and,

4. Gives the millions of horse activists a victory by releasing ~40,000 horses being held in captivity by the BLM in and around CA back into wilderness forests (where there are no grazing permits or livestock), instead of killing them as has been suggested by Sec. Zinke.

The initiative has the backing of several leading scientists and wild horse advocates. Now we just need to bring it to the attention of our politicians, respectfully!


Wildfires are devastating the landscape of America, Canada and elsewhere on the globe, destroying forests and watersheds, in addition to accounting for $-billions in property damage, injuries and loss of life.

Insurance companies are sustaining major financial losses as a result of the lack of effective preemptive wildfire management, which is the most cost effective methodology. Fighting fires is exponentially more costly and leads to huge insurance losses. Here are a few examples

As foresters daftly dabble ineffectively at prevention while there exists a readily available means for wildfire mitigation, they instead focus on building an fire-fighting enterprise around wildfires using taxpayer dollars, and at the greater expense of insurance companies who must pay for the ultimate $-billion dollar losses.

Everywhere in the world wherever a species of large herbivore has its population depleted or eliminated, vegetative (fuels for fires) materials (grasses & brush) become excessive resulting in a scenario where catastrophic wildfires take-over on an annual basis. The science is crystal clear and incontrovertible on this point.

According to Science Magazine:

“By altering the quantity and distribution of fuel supplies, large herbivores can shape the frequency, intensity, and spatial distribution of fires across a landscape. There are even unique interactions among large herbivore populations that can influence fire regimes. For example, facilitative interactions between white rhinoceros and mesoherbivores result in reduced fuel loads and fuel continuity, and consequently fewer large, intense fires (71). Other factors can influence the frequency and intensity of fires, particularly in locations where the total area burned is strongly related to ungulate population size. For example, Serengeti wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus) populations irrupted after the rinderpest virus was eradicated in the 1960s, and the subsequent increase in grazing pressure led to a widespread reduction in the extent of fires and delayed recovery of tree populations (72). The removal of plant biomass by browsing also reduces fire fuel loads and decreases fire susceptibility. Thus, there is scant evidence of fire in much of Australia until the megafauna disappeared after humans arrived (5).”

So it’s no surprise that in almost every area where we see catastrophic wildfires destroying tens of thousands of acres and property in America, the local populations of large native herbivores are either below historical norms or totally depleted. Many of these fire-prone forest areas are not economically feasible for grazing domestic livestock due to remoteness, difficulty of terrain and numerous predators.

But there is a readily available and exceptionally cost-effective method of mitigating the risk, intensity and duration of wildfires, thereby limiting financial and environmental losses; it’s called Wild Horse Fire Brigade.

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Various published Fire Brigade articles that may be used:

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