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Tempestous has grown our Atmosphere! – An Arkaham Ballad poem

Tempestuous has grown our Atmosphere!

An Arkaham Ballad poem Composed 3/18/2019, 8:43 to 10:43 AM. Typed 3/28/2019. For Nevada Poetry Society meeting in Reno on 4/20/2019
By Craig C. Downer, P.O. Box 456, Minden, NV 89423.

Tempestuous and peevish too
has grown our atmosphere!
Sometimes I do quite fear the worst.
Is world undone and are we curst?
How does future appear?
Quite like mad-tempered one long scorned
has Mother Nature now
become. We’ve fooled with her for far
too long – upset life’s “apple cart.”
Restored must be Life’s Tao!
Remember, Oh my soul, to keep
alive your faith that all
can be rescued, restored in Truth
for nothing’s ever lost, forsooth!
Atone! Reverse Past’s Fall!
For stormy weather’s not fore’er,
but we must take good look
at lessons that the Past does hold
and with backsliding be so bold:
— with Virtue Write Life’s Book!
Destructive storms you’ll then becalm.
Our World will settle down.
Take up again High Harmony.
And this, my son, will set us Free!
All Life is Upward Bound!

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