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Unless action is taken, wild horses and burros in today’s America face a bleak future. Wildlife ecologist Craig C. Downer needs support to do an ecological analysis to determine where in the West Reserve Design can be made to work and has the best chance of success. Properly and site-specifically implemented Reserve Design will restore the wild horse and burro herds at long-term viable population levels in long-term viable habitats. There these wonderful animals will be allowed to fill their niche within a sufficiently large area and to harmoniously adapt to each particular ecosystem they inhabit. This will result in naturally self-stabilizing populations and obviate the cruel and deadly roundups that are occurring. Reserve Design is described in Craig’s Reserve Design proposed request for funding. Among other steps, this includes creating natural buffers that minimize contact between wild horses & burros and human disturbers of ecological harmony. This wonderful harmony of course includes the returned native horses and burros themselves.

Read more about the reserve design plan.

For more information, including basic support required to carry out this crucially important project, please contact Craig Downer.

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