The Wild Horse Conspiracy

Real-World Experiences

Wild horse advocates share information about the unfortunate — and in some cases shocking — first-hand experiences they have had with employees of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and United States Forest Service.

Monika Courtney


“[The roundup of wild horses by the BLM] was really disgusting. I came home very disturbed with what I saw.”
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Bob Bauer

“I said to [one Bureau of Land Management employee], ‘If I were doing what you were doing right now, I would be arrested for harassment of the wild horses. You can come in and break the law whenever you want.’ She said to me, ‘yes we can.’ That’s an exact quote.”
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Helen Madeleine

“[The Forest Service is] just as bad as the BLM when it comes to [preserving] wild horses.”
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Harry Riverbottom

“I made [the BLM employees] laugh and I made them cry and I talked them out of slaughtering 35,000 horses. But you have to keep after them. I’m gonna keep trying. I’m gonna wake them up.”
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